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Wednesday, December 13th, 2006
6:55 pm
That Time Of Year. (OOC)
All right. So we're never given anything to indicate whether or not the FFV11 even has any sort of winter celebration, I know- let alone one where gifts are given. Still - like the 20 Things meme that we all did before - I think this would be another great character-building excercise, so allow me a bit of creative license?

Would it not be awesome if the whole office (Seung included, now!) could participate in a little secret santa game? Take a minute to make a stocking for your character and post it up on their journal. You can give gifts to as many people as you like, as many times as you like... but here's where we twist the meme up a bit: Don't put in your character's name. The gift has to be something your character would give, but all presents are to be labelled X, for anonymity's sake. After you get a gift, try to guess - using lj comments on other's journals - who gave your character which gift.

Come on guys, you know you wanna. ;3

ZhiCollapse )
Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
5:29 pm
Not so random meme
Yes, I tagged myself for this. Mainly because it's an excellent character-building exercise and really forces you to think about the smaller quirks of your character's personality.

So... here's the 20 facts meme for Zhi.

1. Has an innate distrust of, and respect for, all women. This is mainly because his older sisters are both some of the most intelligent as well as inherently evil people he has ever met.
2. Does not consider spending 1000gil for 100 grams of coffee an unneccesary expense.
3. Also doesn't consider 1000gil an hour hookers an unnecessary expense.
4. Has been to all but one of the Planet's major towns and cities. If you ask him which one, he'll ask you to guess.
5. Did not fully learn to read or write until he was twelve, and then immediately began to read everything he could get his hands on. To date he has read over 800,000 books and papers on varying subjects.
6. Lost his virginity to a girl, despite the fact that he was at the time very aware that he prefers boys.
7. Has bred rare birds and chocobos for eight years now- and owns a very large plot of land near Mideel that he maintains as a bird sanctuary.
8. Can't eat ice cream without throwing it up, and not because he's lactose intolerant.
9. Can eat fist-sized spiders without even batting an eyelash.
10. Left Wutai at age 12 with the clothes on his back, a hunting knife, a fire materia, a lock of hair, seven charcoal drawings, a few assorted herbs and 24gil to his name.
11. Claims to hate children, yet often volunteers for bodyguarding missions involving the protection of President Shinra's child.
12. Cannot sing to save his life, and though he loves calligraphy is otherwise completely without artistic talent.
13. Has had more near-death experiences that he can count, killed more people than he can recall, and helped to deliver one baby girl. He remembers almost everything about the first two, but absolutely nothing about the birth other than the child's name.
14. Has never tried any drug other than alcohol, and never any drink other than wine.
15. Never had any serious illness, but at one time or another has broken most of the bones in his body.
16. Experiences irrational anger if someone starts loudly breathing through their mouth.
17. Sleeps completely naked unless a woman is in the vicinity. Or Jack.
18. Was hired as a Turk within a week of arriving in Midgar, just by walking to the front desk at Shinra Tower Lobby and asking for a job.
19. Secretly loves tiny, delicate cakes. The smaller the better.
20. Hasn't been on a date or been in a serious relationship for the whole of his adult life.
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